The 5 Best Car Seats of the Year


With so many brands, variants and other alternatives popping up almost every year, even the seasoned shopper has her challenges when looking for the best car seats for their toddler. Add to that the holiday season is now upon us and if you are like me who sometimes does her shopping in retail stores, I often get impatient when it comes to long lines in the checkout, lots of people crowding the place, and unusually heavy traffic going to the mall and driving back home. Hey, it’s almost Christmas! What can you expect?

Good thing I’ve gotten used to online shopping and can now checkout from the convenience of my home. I’m able to take my time and make better choices and informed comparisons. Having said that, this not so novice parent has also come up with a list of the best car seats of the year to save you time – whether you’re a newbie dad or mom, or someone who’s already been there, done that but looking for something better for their kid. Understandably, while safety is our number one priority, as parents we all have different needs.. something that this top list hopes to accomplish.

The verdict is in, let’s get the best seats in the car rolling:

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  1. Britax has the one of the highest levels of toxic flame retardant chemicals. These chemicals have been linked to a ton of health concerns.

  2. i have two foonfs and three oobrs from Clek. I’ve had many car seats, but these are the very best by far and I don’t mind paying for the best. They are foolproof to install and move from car to car in about 30 seconds.

  3. The Graco nautilus is a great seat for a child over 2 years old. It forward faces only. The AAP and NHTSA recommended rear facing until at least age 2. So it will not be the “last car seat your child needs” after they say goodbye to their infant seat. Do some research before writing info about car seats, please.

  4. Please edit your post about the Graco Nautilus; while it’s a FANTASTIC seat, it’s not the last seat after the infant one, as it does NOT rear face and children need to rear face until at least two years old, ideally as close to four as possible. The vast majority of children need a convertible seat prior to forward facing. The 3-in-1 confuses many parents, but this seat does not rear face at all, so it’s not the next step!

  5. Britax does not accommodate for tall children. You will need to get another convertible car seat before the child is done in restraints if your child is above the 75% for height.

    The Graco Nautilus is not the best 3 in 1 on the market. It is bulky and heavy. There are


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