5 Things You Can Do Before Tackling Potty Training


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Up until just recently I have tackled any milestone my twin boys have come up on with enthusiasm and optimism that it would soon be achieved.  When we switched to solid food, I was excited for them to try new things.  When we finally switched to toddler beds, I knew it would be work to keep them in bed and establish new bed time routines but eventually we made it through.

But when it came to potty training I was really dragging my feet this time.  I saw the signs that they were ready but I was overwhelmed by how much work it would be and terrified over the possible many accidents they would most likely have.  At least in diapers, the mess is contained.

But with the cost of diapers really taking a chunk out of our budget and because they were showing signs that they were ready, I knew that I could no longer avoid this new milestone.

When we got to my daughter, I thought I finally had potty training down.Though I had confidence this time around, I found myself feeling like a novice again.  She had completely different needs and issues than her brothers.

But through my many mistakes and wins I believe I have run through all the possible problems there could be with three very different children.  Here are some of my best potty training tips:


  1. With all 4 of my kids, it was so different. The girls were super easy! A drop of food coloring in the toilet so they could change the color was awesome… The boys (which i now use with my grandsons)… put a few fruit loops in the bowl. boys love games and this one involves aiming their penis at something?? Yep.. win win here.. they aim for fun and you have less clean up 🙂


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