10 Cool Parenting Goals to Strive For in 2021


Each year, we tend to think of new ways to parent our children that are best for them. The old ways are way boring – so try on these cool ones for you and your children to enjoy!

While others are busy focusing on their new year’s resolution, for parents, it’s new parenting goals for them. As we all know, as each year passes by, there are new ways to be a parent. 

Most of us would definitely avoid boomer parenting that our parents used to do with us before. We millennials grew up with a new mindset, new things, new agendas, and many more! That’s why when the time came to be a parent, it is most unlikely that we follow the old ways of parenting.

It is important to remember as well that these goals also serve as guidelines to raise our children on the right path because our kids could also turn out spoiled or with bad manners. This is the outcome of bad parenting, and this is very stressful.

So that you won’t wish you wore a condom that night, here are 10 cool parenting goals to strive for in 2021.

1. Be Best Friends With Your Children

Nothing’s more beautiful than being close with your young ones. This will be forever valued for you and your children, even when they are all grown up. The lack of interaction between you and your children could lead to behavioral disorders.

But there are still boundaries that must be often reminded to your children. Being best friends with your children can be easily abused, which is definitely not what we want.

2. Spend More Time With Them 

If you are too busy with work, business, or your hobbies, then expect that your children will not be as interactive you’d expect them to be. Spending time with your children is critical, especially if your children know how to value time.

Love, care, and time is the essence of a family. You cannot afford to be busy forever. In fact, in a certain country, when patients were asked on their deathbeds what they regret the most – their answer was that they spent more time at work instead of their family. 

3. Do Not Take Their Efforts For Granted

Children may show their efforts through chores, letters, and loads more. Never take for granted their ways of saying “thank you”. The moment you do not appreciate their efforts is the moment they’ll feel less valuable as well.

This could even lead to overthinking, anxiety, and worst of all depression. They are capable of feeling that way just because of the lack of appreciation for them. 

So, please appreciate their efforts because if they stop, you will certainly miss those efforts when they grow up.

4. Discipline Them The Right Way

Avoid shouting or yelling at them. Do your best to control your emotions if your children have done something wrong. A mistake for a child could be memorable, so much more if you leave them with harsh shouting.

Kids’ emotions are fragile. They are heavily dependent on you as a parent, and once they receive the wrong way of discipline, chances are it might affect his or her character.

5. Listen To One Another

This one is so simple yet so underrated as well.

A lot of parents only look at one side of the party, which is theirs. Do understand that your children have something to say too no matter what the situation is. Whether if it is an argument, a normal talk, or even choosing food!

They have opinions too, and you should hear them out. This way you can also correct them if they have the wrong mindset.

6. Show Your Love Through Actions

A perfect example of this is always there for them.

If you think buying your children what they want is your of showing love, it is not. It won’t even last long. Your children will come to a point that they will realize that you are just using objects to entertain them while you are busy.

Time is much more valuable than a PS5. PC, or any materialistic things. Take them out for trips, fishing, camping, or any activity at all. As long as you are with them, and all of you are happy. That’s what matters the most.

7. Be Consistent On Being Positive

Showing a positive attitude and character is contagious.

There’s even a high possibility that your child will subconsciously develop that within himself or herself. Remember that you are the role model at home. Being a bubbly person to your wife, children, and even the people around is highly contagious.

They will learn to see that there are a lot of benefits of being good without expecting something in return. Being a kind person is not forced, it’s natural.

They are what you are.

8. Be Open-Minded

Along with new parenting styles, there are new agendas as well for children. They most likely learn this from the internet since children can easily access different social media platforms.

Listen to what your children have got to say about his or her wonders, school, politics, or the world itself

You never know, you might be intrigued as well. 

9. Learn What They Are Interested In

Children will totally be happy if you are asking questions about what they are interested in. In fact, they will be more than happy to explain! You might even learn new things because of them.

You do know that children can be fascinating, right? Go ahead! Ask him why he loves exotic pets so much. 

This is a great way to bond as well. Your children will be more than happy if you support them as well! Now how is that not cool?

10. Never Hit Them

Under no circumstance should you hit your child! Aside from behavioral disorders, this can affect them mentally in many ways. This can also permanently scar them for life.

Hatred can easily be planted in their hearts if you keep hitting them. They hold a grudge against you that can even last forever.

So, if you do not want this to happen, then don’t even think about this.


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